Film Dogs

Labrador Retrievers. Canix trains dogs to perform complex sequences for motion pictures, TV, photo, stills, advertisements, commercials, fashion shows, and theater. The dogs are led by experienced animal handler.

Film, TV, Theater, Photo, and Fashion

We have specialized in quickly and effectively teaching dogs extremely complicated and untraditional tasks. Only a limited number of breeds are available, because we can only achieve this high level of performance with our own dogs, who are used to and enjoy learning. The dog will always be handled by a person with industry experience.

Custom Trained Dogs

HOWEVER, if it is a significant assignment, e.g. a new Lassie or Rin Tin Tin, we are willing to acquiring a new puppy of the desired breed and to educate and train it for this specific assignment.

Rottweiler Puppy-in-Training

Kasper joined Canix and is available for suitable projects. He was born late January 2014 and knows basic obedience and can easily be taught specific tasks.

Older Labrador

If you need a senior dog with a grey muzzle and white hairs in head and on paws, we have a 14 year old labrador, who is used to performing in public. Her first appearance on TV was at 3 months of age, where she showed most of the tasks of a fully educated service dog. At the age of 5 months, she could even teach the fully educated service dogs a couple of new tricks, e.g. how to open the shoe-laces and remove the shoes for a disabled person.

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