The Dog: Development, Education, Training, and Language


Based on Science

"The Dog: Development, Education, Training and Language" builds on a thorough analysis of scientific studies of the dog's natural development and subsequently uses this information to adapt the education and the training of the dog to its natural developmental and maturational stages. In a similar manner the methods used to educate and train the dog build on its natural behaviour and can best be described as a "game with rules", and the communication with the dog is based on its own language. Because the methods are based on play, motivation and the dog's natural behaviour, the education and training is much easier and more efficient than traditional methods. Dogs who are trained with this system can learn more complex tasks, work with greater pleasure, efficiency, and stability, and can begin to work much earlier in life. Furthermore, without denying that dogs descend from the wolf, this book does not view the dog as a wolf we have invited into our living room, because the two species have been separated for several hundred thousand of years, and because the dog during this period of time have been exposed to a heavy selection pressure from man.

The book is published by Borgens Forlag and is richly illustrated with drawings by Henriette Westh and photos by Frank Sams-Dodd.

Methods proven effective

The methods, described in the book are purely human and proven highly effective. They are based and relies on the dog's natural behaviour. They were developed by the author, who has over 30 years of practical experience, and she uses the methods for the training of world-class seizure-alert, diabetes-alert, service and movie dogs. Moreover, many veterinary clinics refer all their clients who have dogs that need behavioural therapy to Canix, and the author has over the years solved numerous behavioural problems and have rescued many dogs from euthanasia. The author consequently has many entry points to the subject, ranging from the education and training of working dogs to the understanding of where many misinterpret their dog and its requirements, and has based on this knowledge developed effective methods to make the material accessible.


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