Seizure-Alert Dogs - dogs that can warn about an upcoming seizure

Beagles. Canix offers custom training of seizure-alert dogs that can help children and adults suffering from epilepsy. The dogs can usually sense the seizure 15-60 min before onset and this give the owner time to find a safe place or to call family.

Canix has trained Denmark's first seizure-alert dog and can offer the training of seizure-alert dogs that provide their owners with a very high degree of safety, security and freedom in everyday life. We offer the education of seizure-alert as well as seizure-response dogs.

Seizure-alert dogs

Dogs that alert their owner 15 - 60 min BEFORE a seizure will occur, thus allowing the owner to find a safe place, contact family or friends or to make other arrangements.

Seizure-response dogs

Dogs that alert the PRESENCE of an ongoing seizure by pressing an alarm, alerting the parents to a child with epilepsy or by other means. These dogs MAY over time learn to sense an oncoming seizure.

If you already have a dog, it is possible that it can be trained for this purpose. If you do not have a dog, we prefer to participate in the selection of a suitable dog to ensure the greatest possibility for success. Whether the most suitable dog is an adult dog from a shelter or a puppy depends on the specific situation.

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Nala, Denmarks first seizure-alert dog. The picture was taken during her final examination.

Scientific Documentation

A seizure-alert dog can in certain cases reduce the number of tonic-clonic seizures by up to 50%.
Quality-of-Life in families with a child suffering from epilepsy is considerably higher in those that have a seizure-alert dog compared to those that do not have a dog or have a seizure-response dog.
A dog that can sense an oncoming seizure should be trained professionally for the sake of the owner’s safety and the dog's well-being.

Nala, Denmark’s first Seizure-Alert Dog, educated by Canix

The dalmatian Nala together with her owner. Nala is Denmarks first seizure-alert dog and was trained by Canix.
Nala's owner: "Nala is nothing less than my life-line".



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