About Canix


The organisation Canix was founded in 1997 by Jeanette and Frank Sams-Dodd.

One of the first tasks for Canix was to develop a new educational and training system, because we felt that the training systems that build on inducing fear in the dog had failed. However, this was also the case for the training methods that only relied on treats. We therefore experimented with a range of different reward and learning systems and this resulted in a completely new system, which briefly described builds on generating mutual trust and respect between dog and owner and on augmenting the satisfaction the dog receives from working. Canix received in 2000 an award for this system.

The goal for Canix has always been to increase man's respect for the dog, and we have tried to achieve this by opening people’s eyes for the abilities dogs’ posses and how they help man. For example, Canix has trained the first service dog in Spain and the first seizure-alert dog in Denmark and has thereby paved the way for others. Being the first to develop and publish a "Guide to Dog Grammar" we hope also by this approach that we can increase man's understanding of the dog and thereby the respect for the dog and what it does to help man.

In April 2011, Canix moved to the UK and is located between Southampton and Bournemouth.

Canix in the Media

Canix has over the years been profiled in a number of media and has participated in many activities.


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