Canix - the training and education of dogs and puppies


At 12 month of age, Hannah demonstrates her skills on "La Columna", TV3, Catalunya, Spain.

Dedicated to Dogs

Canix is an organisation dedicated to the behaviour and education of dogs.

Canix has developed its own education and training system for dogs. The system is the result of an analysis and interpretation of well-documented scientific studies of dogs and behaviour and of more than 30 years of experience with the training and education of highly trained work dogs.

See video with puppy having been trained based on these principles.

Training Principles

Our training method builds upon three principles:

The education and training of the dog is adapted to its own development.

The dog is educated and trained using a process best described as "structured play with rules".

The communication with the dog is based on its own language.


Highly Educated Dogs

Canix can provide highly trained dogs such as seizure-alert dogs, diabetes-alert dogs, service dogs, and dogs for movies, and can offer behavioural counselling. Canix accepts consulting assignments and public engagements to promote the knowledge regarding dogs, their training and their language.

The book, "The Dog - Development, Education, Training, and Language", is published in Denmark August 2009. The book covers our education and training methods together with a thorough coverage of the dog's language, and how this knowledge can be used in our communication with the dog.


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