The Canix Method


The three corner stones

The Canix Method has been developed by Jeanette Sams-Dodd, and it builds on development, play and language where:

  • The education and training is adapted to the dog's own development and maturation.
  • The dog is educated and trained by a "structured play with rules".
  • The communication with the dog is based on its own language.

This leads to a high degree of trust and bonding between owner and dog.

Based on the dog's natural development stages

This method differs significantly from other methods because it builds on scientific studies of the dog's natural developmental stages and adapts the education and training to the dog's natural maturational process, and it uses a training method that best can be described as a "play with rules". This makes the methods much easier and more efficient than traditional methods, and dogs that have been trained with the system can perform their work much earlier in life, can learn more complex tasks, and work with greater pleasure, efficiency and stability. Furthermore, without denying that the dog descends from the wolf, the dog is no longer perceived as a wolf we invited into our house, since the two species have been separated for several hundred thousand of years, and the dog during this period have been subjected to a hard selection pressure by man.


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